COVID Operating Policy

A Message to Our Valued Guests


The following is our Pusser's operating policy for being partially open and serving food and drink during the COVID-19 pandemic:

In an abundance of caution and concern for both our staff and guests, we will:

• Test all staff members everyday upon arriving at work with a thermometer and questionnaire and have it signed by the individual before starting to work. If anyone shows symptoms, send them home immediately, require outside testing, and quarantine them until testing negative.

• Require all staff members to wear masks during the entire time they are on property.

• Require all persons handling food to use gloves.

• Require all tables and chairs and menus to be thoroughly wiped down with a CDC approved sanitizing agent at the start of the day and after every use.

• We are practicing all CDC social distancing guidelines including the spacing of all tables/seating 6 feet apart.

• Deep clean and sanitize the bathrooms at least twice weekly, and thoroughly sanitize the bathrooms every half hour during the day.

• Deep clean and sanitize the kitchen every night.

• Request that all guests to wear masks when entering and leaving the building and when going to the bathrooms.

• Routinely make testing and tracking available to our staff, if so desired.

As a business and employer , we are committed to responsibly protect our customers and employees.

Questions or Concerns? Please contact us.


Monday-Friday, 7:30am-10:30am
Saturday-Sunday, 8:00am-10:30am

Daily, 11am - 4pm, daily

Monday-Friday, 4pm – 10pm, daily
Saturday-Sunday, 4pm-11pm

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